Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What I Want for Christmas (or 2016)

In my last blog post I talked about what the GeoPackage SWG accomplished in 2015. Now I want to look ahead to 2016. 

This is my wish list:
  • From OGC:
    • A way to publish multiple versions of the GeoPackage specification on (right now it just shows the working version)
    • Speedy adoption of GeoPackage 1.0.2
    • A repeatable process for producing HTML (and possibly other document types) from AsciiDoc so that we can easily publish other draft specifications in an easily readable form
    • Commitment to encourage other SWGs to use the GitHub-based specification process that we pioneered here
    • For users to automatically get added as observers in the project portal when they accept an observer agreement (you have no idea how big a nuisance this is!)
  • From developers and/or software vendors:
    • More content for, particularly FAQs and guidance on how to use the trickier parts of the standard (e.g., some of the extensions)
    • Accurate, timely information on what products support what versions and/or portions of the standard
  • From data providers:
    • A commitment to publish their geospatial data as GeoPackage and/or GeoJSON instead of or in addition to proprietary formats or arcane government formats
    • Feedback on what works well (or doesn't work well)
  • From Image Matters (my employer):
    • Support to continue in my role as SWG chair regardless of fickle funding situations
    • A proper retirement sendoff for Paul Daisey, without whom GeoPackage never would have gotten this far
See you next year!

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