Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Introducing Thomas Neirynck

We have had a small shake-up in the GeoPackage Standards Working Group (SWG). Roy Rathbun (NGA) has recently accepted another position within NGA and will not be as available to support OGC initiatives. Roy has therefore resigned as SWG vice-chair effective the selection of a replacement.

Thomas Neirynck (Luciad) was recently selected as the new SWG vice-chair. As an active developer of software that uses GeoPackage and similar technologies, he brings a perspective that neither Roy nor I could provide. He also represents the European geospatial community, a community that is vital to GeoPackage's long-term success. In the short term, I would like for him to oversee any changes to the emerging elevation extension that arise as part of the Interoperability Experiment. This will allow me to focus on getting GeoPackage 1.0.2 through the adoption process.

Thanks to Thomas for accepting the position and to Roy for his service to the SWG.

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