Friday, September 1, 2017

A Busy Time at GeoPackage

Things have been busy on the GeoPackage front. I sense an uptick in both interest and adoption of GeoPackage. FOSS4G was the most public example but there have been others. With this in mind, I would like to share three recent developments. It is a busy time at GeoPackage!

1. GeoPackage 1.2 has been formally adopted by OGC. The OGC standards page has the "official" PDF version of the document (edit: and now the release notes) and the HTML version is what is currently at Thanks go to the large number of people who made this release possible.

2. OGC has released "OGC GeoPackage Extension for Tiled Gridded Coverage Data" for public comment. This extension is a reworking of the elevation extension. The primary change was expanding the scope of the extension from just elevation data to any regular gridded coverage data. The normative changes from the original extension are minimal - just a few additional columns that allow us to define what content is held in the tiles. We expect that implementers will find it easy to transition from the elevation extension to this one.

3. OGC has issued a call for participants for the "GeoPackage Related Tables Extension Interoperability Experiment". Yes, that is a mouthful. The idea is that our friends at Compusult have produced an extension for associating tables with existing feature or attribute tables in a GeoPackage. Among other things, it can be used to establish a many-to-many relationship between features and multimedia files. We are looking for willing participants (OGC membership optional) to help us determine if the extension accomplishes what it is designed to do. If you are interested, please accept the Observer Agreement and plan to dial into the kickoff tentatively scheduled for September 25.

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